Global Big Mart


Global Big Mart

This Online Store has a great affiliate marketing features for the store owner where the entrepreneurs can convert every visitor or customer to his affiliate marketer. Anyone can join and promote your eCommerce store in different channels for affiliate income and this feature will generate tons of new visitors every in every minute and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars! This is not the end! Beside all the common eCommerce features, KingCommerce has many exclusives features which are not available in most eCommerce stores! You can use this system as single vendor store and if you want to grow your business in futures as a multivendor store then you can make your store single vendor to multivendor store in a minute from admin panel. There are other tons of exclusive feature such as Whole sell, Commission based product selling, Subscription based product selling, Order tracking, Dynamic coupon, Product stock, Invoice management, Premium Packaging, Real-time notification, Multiple admin and stuff, Secret login by admin, Multiple Currency, Multiple Language, Messaging System, Real customer ratting etc.

Become successful in eCommerce Industry depends on Entrepreneurs planning, Hard Work, Store Features, Good support and mostly the marketing cost to attract new customers.


Multiple Language and currency:

You can add multiple languages and currency from Admin panel and your customers can select lanuages and currency from front side.

Social Login:

Customers can sign up with thier Facebook and Google account. It attracts more customers to buy products easily.

C2B Marketing:

Any customer can be apply to be vendor from their user panel. It will inspire customers to setup business in your store.

Real Product Rating:

Only customers can provide rating about the products, So new customers can check before price.

Product Stock and color:

You can set product stock no one can order more products than stock.Yoc can add product colors to attract customers.

Product SEO:

In each product vendor or admin can add custom meta tag and meta description. It wil help to find more search results in search engine.

Individual vendor store:

Each store have thier individual shop page and  they can add thier shop page and share link on any social media or else. It will help to get more customers.

Admin and Staff:

You can add multiple admin and staff to manage the website.